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At Vivaswaan Publishing we are poised to preserve the author’s authentic voice and provide an unbiased platform for debate. We desire to have a well-earned reputation for our excellence in design, innovation and corporate integrity.

For your, this means to access to a publisher who is dedicated to expressing your ideas and insights in an undiluted fashion, to as wide an audience as possible.

To achieve success on your behalf, we provide:

What do we publish?

Vivaswaan Publishing‘s titles are multidisciplinary and international in scope, and typically promote ideas and insights in the areas of leadership, philosophy, politics, management and diplomacy.

That said, there are no strict boundaries to what we publish. We simply aim to give authors the chance to publish ground breaking work in emerging or unexplored subject areas and are always open to new ideas and genre-defying material that is affiliated with our core subject areas.

Our interests include: Architecture, Area Studies, Arts & Communities, Arts Education, Comics, Communication Studies, Dance, Design, Illustration, New Media and Politics.

Continuously widening our scope

We are always looking to add to the list of subjects we promote, and for new and exciting ideas to publish. If you think your work might be suitable for our portfolio, pleasure submit a book proposal.

Publish Your Book

We welcome innovative and interesting proposals that fall into and complement our main subject areas. We have a democratic review process, giving each proposal the consideration, it deserves before we offer a decision. Your proposal will be reviewed for its originality of thought and merit by our in-house production team and may also be sent outside to respected academic specialists.

Once your proposal has been accepted, a contract will be signed and a timeline agreed for the manuscript submission. All books are subject to double-blind peer review once submitted, and authors/editors will be given an opportunity to revise their work based on these reviews.

For us to make a sound assessment of a book project, we ask you to complete our Author Questionnaire from here and email it to submissions [at] vivaswaan [dot] com.