Releasing December 12, 2023

Yogic Parenting


In an ever-changing world fraught with complexities and challenges, Yogic Parenting Volume I by Jennifer Taylor and Sophia Malahieude emerges as a guiding light for parents and children navigating the complexities of modern life. Drawing inspiration from the profound realms of Vedic sciences, this book seeks to rekindle the long-forgotten art of balanced nurturing.

At its core, this work aims to revive the concept of balanced nurturing—an ancient wisdom deeply rooted in Vedic traditions. It emphasizes the importance of providing the right knowledge, nourishment, thoughts, and ideals throughout the stages of life. Yogic Parenting Volume I aspires to transcend the mere creation of responsible citizens, striving instead to nurture enlightened beings—individuals in tune with the universe, capable of transforming the world.

In our times, the essence of balanced nurturing, once revered, has been reduced to ceremonial rituals. Yogic Parenting Volume I is revival of wisdom that once guided sages and seers. Within these pages, readers will embark on a journey to rediscover and harness this ancient wisdom, paving the way for a more harmonious and enlightened existence for both parents and children.

Sixth Anniversary Edition

Essentials of


for Blissful Living

About Essentials of Vedic Wisdom for Blissful Living

Essentials of Vedic Wisdom for Blissful Living (Sixth Anniversary Edition) is a humble attempt to introduce the eternal wisdom of the Vedic rishis (sages) in a simple yet undiluted form. It seeks to elucidate various Vedic ideas, including Atman, Paramatma, Karma, Dharma, contrary to popular incomplete definitions. The authors endeavor to explain not just the grand design of the universe, but also how the teachings of the Vedas can be used to lead a blissful life amid the present day chaos, stress and confusion.


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