About Us

VIVASWAAN is a media and publishing label owned by Vedic Management Center. Originally known as Vedic Wisdom Press, it was started to help the parent organization to publish and distribute books globally. It was started with modest investment and is currently a self-funded organization with international production and marketing capabilities. Our books are sold across three continents with strategic partnership with various leading printers, book retailers, eBook platforms and the like. 

VIVASWAAN PUBLISHING has already published five titles in hardbound, softbound and eBook formats. We intend to publish more also through commissioning established and upcoming author. By keeping tune with new technologies in design and production, we have ensured that our publications products are made available not just with every online retailer but also in every eBook readers around the world. 

VIVASWAAN STUDIOS offers brilliantly designed refreshing lifestyle products like Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Blankets, T-shirts, tank tops, Embroidered hats, stickers, coffee mugs, backpacks, Jackets, throw pillows, fanny packs, phone cases, tote bags, leggings, embroidered shirts, posters, digital canvas prints, all-over shirts, sublimated socks, embroidered aprons, dresses, skirts, flip-flops, swimwear, beach towels, sweatpants and joggers, engraved jewelry & laptop cases. Our merchandises sold online are made available around the world through various strategic partnerships for shipping, packaging and warehouse fullfilment. 

VIVASWAAN - Without a beginning or the end.

The Vedas – the great works of wisdom – were not written by a single person.. It was collection of realized wisdom by several wise men over millenia. These wise individuals are recognized as “Rishis. VIVASWAAN was the name of one of the first Rishis whose works form the crux of the Rig Veda, the first of the Vedas. Little is known about him. In Vedic Sanskrit VIVASWAAN essentially translates to “The one that is without a beginning or the end.” Our work and efforts are to honor this Rishi, whose pioneering work of wisdom have inspired us to pursue and promote the idea of universal humanism.